Thursday, February 18, 2010

Couple of questions and comment....

First the comment... just goes to show that I was completely out of my territory only entering ONE challenge yesterday because I didn't actually enter it...LMAO!! I linked it on my post and thought I entered it but forgot! So lesson learned...I MUST enter more than one challenge! :)

Now my questions...
1. How do you set blogger to auto-post something?
2. What are your favorite paper cutters...I want something good quality that will last!
Mine no longer cuts like it should and I need a new one ASAP!!!

Thank you in advance for those that take the time to answer ..... REALLY REALLY appreciate any help I can get!



margie c said...

LOL! Aw, I've forgotten to enter my stuff into challenges too!
I've tried numerous cutters, my fave is self-sharpening made by Making Memories! It's big, haeavy and bulky - so you need a bit of room and it's not convenient to carry around, but that is my fave one of all ever!

Hope that helps :)
hugs, margie

Merry said...

Lol...that is too funny Stacie. I think I have done that before too. I use a metal ruler and crafting knife for my cutting or spellbinder shapes.

As for Auto post if you mean posting when you are not there. Just type up the post like you would normally do. When finished click on "Post Options' at bottom of text box. Then change the date and time to when you want it to appear. Click on Post and it should then be 'Scheduled' for the time you want it to post. Just click on 'Edit Posts' and you should see it in your list of posts. Good luck :-)

craftingmanda said...

oooh i can help with the question on the paper cutter, i spent £28.99 on a cutter from hobbeycraft and HATED it so took it back and whent to sir stampalot and got the woodware trimmer this is the direct link it is only £16.99 and it is absoloutly brilliant I love it and the replacement blades are soooo cheap

Annette said...

Hi Stacie, I done that with challenges too, with regards to a paper cutter I have Fiskars one that had a triple blade in and kept leaving my edges furry, but another stamping buddy said to put a single blade in and it works like a dream. With regards to the Auto Post, this frustrates me because sometimes it works and sometimes not, take careX:)

Anonymous said...

I wish I could help hun, but I'm useless at this stuff! Let me know about the trimmer when you get one, I really need one!

Nikki Schmaltz said...

I have something similar to a Carl Cutter, but that's a bit expensive. I have also used a big one by Fiskars (about $35) and that was was great for MANY years. I also use a smaller trimmer by Creative Memories that is almost 14 years old. I am just now realizing that I need to replace it. I use that for trimming. It is the best that I have ever owned. Hope that helps. LOVED your Dad card btw. That's what I came to comment on. Have a great weekend:)

Payne Holler Cards said...

let's see, Merry gave great instructions on auto-posting.
I use two cutters - big one is from Carl's the DC 210 model and my small one is from Creative Memories (have never had to sharpen blade and had it almost 5 years)...hope this helped