Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My work space!

OH I AM SO EXCITED!!! In my new house I will have my very own craft room! ALL MINE MINE MINE! HEHE! Okay, I get a little greedy sometimes! Right now I share it as a spare bedroom/my DH hunting stuff and deer heads. Not very becoming of a craft area I must say. I have 4 deer heads constantly looking at me with 2 of them directly above my table!! So as you can tell the first picture is the bare bones start of my room....probably be next year before I get to use it but that is okay I will be patient...that is what I tell myself anyways! The second picture is what I have now....you can see part of a deer neck above my cricut...LOL! I tried to keep them out of the pic but hard because they are everywhere in that room!! When it gets closer to time I might be asking for some ideas or decorating/organizing. I have been searching the internet and found a food good ideas but the more the better!

Have a good day!


Lilacanglia said...

Thanks for the compliment on my 3d card,
google free 3d decoupage sheets, find a easy one,
and then hand cut it all out, the first layer is the biggest, and then it goes down to the smallest layer last. you can either use foam pads (preferably 1mm) or silicone glue, (this takes some time to dry) then layer them up.
hope this helps if not please ask again,

Merry said...

How exciting a whole room to yourself. I share with the computer which is handy when crafting by myself as I zoom back and forward on my chair. But when the teenagers are in here I have interesting background music.

Anonymous said...

You lucky girl! I wish i had one. I moved my desk in my bedroom with my laptop but it's not ideal.
Make the most of it!
Hugs xx