Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy New Year!!

I know this is a little early but the BIG MOVE is tomorrow and I won't have any internet (or TV...sniffle, sniffle) at the new house yet.  But if you want to contact me you can still send me an e-mail....I can check that on my phone!  Thank goodness for a little technology at least!  :)

Hope everyone is doing great and I'm wishing you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

- Stacie

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas....and if you don't celebrate Christmas I hope you have a wonderful celebration of your choosing or even just have a marvelous day if you don't celebrate anything!  Wanted to make sure I spread some love to everyone!  :)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A few house pics

Well, I took these pictures before Thanksgiving and it only took a month to post them....not bad right?  LOL!  The main, living room and bathroom.  That is all I have for now...hope everyone is doing well!  

Friday, December 14, 2012

Checking In

Hey everyone!
Just checking in and saying are you all doing?  I know I promised pictures and I apologize for not having those posted yet (I will soon though)....the weeks are just flying by and I hope you understand I have alot going on right now!  We officially closed on selling our house last week so no more paperwork.....what a relief to also have  less payments to make each month!  I have also been working practically everyday with my regular job and hubby and I are still plugging away daily on building the new house which sadly will be nowhere near finished by moving time but it will be liveable with running water, appliances, toilet, shower...the basics!  LOL!  I have also been trying really hard to get rid of several items either by donation or selling.  I had a big moving sale in October and it was a success but I still needed to get rid of some big items like a HUGE dining room set and a grandfather clock.  I am happy to say I just sold all of that today!  :)

The goal is to move between Christmas and New Year's....wish us luck with the weather!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to pop in real quick and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving for those that are celebrating!  For those that aren't I just hope you have a happy day!!  :)

I also wanted to thank those of you who have left comments or e-mailed me to make sure I was still doing okay since I haven't been on here in ages!  I truly appreciate you checking in...makes a girl feel special!  *BIG HUGS*

I FINALLY remembered to take my camera out this week and took some pics of the new house coming together.  We still have a ton of work ahead of us but we are making progress!  I hope to post a few of those pics later this week or next.

- Stacie

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tasty Tuesday and News!

I have decided to start another blog just for recipes so Tasty Tuesday is on hold until I can get that set up.  I will let you know when it is up and running so hopefully you can come follow me and enjoy some delicious recipes!  :)

I also have some news that I think we have sold our house!  WAHOO!!!  Providing everything goes through we will be moving in December!  That means some crazy work for us until then getting the new house won't be completely finished when we move in but atleast it will be liveable!  So keep your fingers crossed everything goes accordingly!  

Sadly I had to step down from the design teams I was on but you will still see me around here and there.  I will post when I can and of course I will visit you all when possible!

Hopefully I can post some house pictures in the near future so you can see where all my hard work is going! Oh and if you have any craft room ideas let me know because I will have my own room....that won't be worked on right away but it never hurts to think about it in advance!  :)

- Stacie

Friday, September 28, 2012

Sunshine Award!

I received this award from my fab blogging pal can find her fantastic creations and recipes by clicking HERE! Thanks again for passing this award onto me! :)

Now the Sunshine Award details...
Thank the one who gave you the award
Answer the 10 questions below
Pass the award on to 10 blogs

 Here are the 10 questions and my answers:

1. Favorite color: Blue...any shade!
2. Favorite animal: I can't show favorites so I will have to say a dog and chinchilla since I have both!
3. Favorite number: Ummm....5?
4. Favorite Drink: Water...but that is so plain so for a treat I make hot mint tea with agave!
5. Facebook or Twitter: Neither (I'm a technology dinosaur these days!) LOL!
6. Good book or good movie: Good movie
7. My passion: Cooking/baking...I LOVE food!!
8. Giving or getting gifts: Both
9. Favorite day: Saturday
10. Favorite flower: Mimosa ... check it out! Edited to add the correct link!
They smell good too! :)

So many people inspire me so if you would like this award please feel free to take it and post on your blog. Share the sunshine!